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Dodge Cummins Stack Flatbed DHGC v2.0
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Dodge Cummins Stack Flatbed DHGC v2.0

This truck was made for my good friends at Dark Havoc Game


  • Jon smith
    2015-07-01 05:39
    i just downloaded this rig & got it ingame alright, however there is a few issues with this truck that can & need to addressed, 1st is the modus doesn't work & 2nd the camera angles are all still wrong, but its a great looking truck though.
  • Dylan
    2015-07-27 17:35
    good mod but not having an outside camera sucks
  • Andrew
    2015-08-09 18:33
    is the look inverted?
  • Moochxmooch
    2015-12-29 04:43
    this sucks it doesn't work at all I can even load it on the game (cant buy it). NEED HELP!!!!
  • Cooper edgar
    2016-03-20 20:55
    how do you get mods
  • Milan
    2016-04-23 20:26
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