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Drensteinfurt v3.0
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Drensteinfurt v3.0

Welcome to Drensteinfurt ! This is a map of 0maxi0
Around 1 year of construction after I put my map for the community to download . I hope you like my map because I have spent a lot of time and patience in this map.
The map should be out of the contest yet known .
What is it waiting for you ?
- Great main courtyard ( where cows can also be lined manure and there may also be Brought )
- Kuhhof ( Large barn with ausmist function)
- In each stall can be fed with compound feed.
Grain silos can be removed with a shovel ( not the standard t bucket go )
Silos on the farm and cow on the main yard.
- Small village with Country dealers and trade.
Large - biogas plant with 4 silos and silage mountain.
A 2t - yard with beets and potatoes and sheep.
Industrial area with a further sale station .

Frequent Idyle .
Drive cars, milk trucks and pedestrians.
Area was found to Münster after . ( But no original replica . )

Support is available here

You do have a large fleet but unfortunately they do not belong only fields meadows .
So they Sell Strategically some Maschienen and Buy them for land.
So they led their food ladies , as their biogas plant.
Rot is issued .

! ! ! Important Patch 2.0 Will Requires otherwise the map does not work ! ! !

Required mods :
MapHoseRefStation - Eifok team
Map_Door_Trigger : http://www.vertexdezign.net/mapdoortriggerv4/
I thank all of which I have the objects without you Währe my map a bit empty .
Pfreek : fence , railway crossing , delineators , BGA Gate
Fatian : roads, bridges, lanes
Gaints : All buildings
Maxter : Workshop
Eicher Model : Fachwerkhof , Farmhouse
Katsuo : Fachwerkhof , grain storage , Medium / Small machines Hall
Padda96 : pigpen
Nick98.1 : Tablets Pack
Farmer 12: Schild_Kurve
Börndi : test objects Pack
818Vario : Hall
Rubiks : pigpen
Manuel : Windmill
iMarwin : telephone line
Desperados93 : bale stacks
martinbigM500 : dung
Nikl : Modern Bullenzuchthof V
Eifok team : MapHoseRefStation
Fendtfan1 : Ball Hall
Eribus : Forgotten Plants textures

Of some objects I could not locate the owner.
Should anyone find his object , please send me a message after the dan I wear .
You can find me in DIVERSE LS forums always under the Same name 0maxi.
Please stop with this letter
"Without a Mod not a pig DL" Ps of Swine mod to come.
Please Respect my work as a mapper and uses only the original download link.
Furthermore, this map is not allowed in any modified form observed for download.
Should I get this , but I 'm with dadrauf pass this permit foreign delete link.
Please Respect my work as a mapper and uses only the original download link.
Further More, this map is not allowed in any modified form Observed for download .
Should I get this , but I'm with dadrauf pass this permit foreign delete link
Now I wish a lot of fun on my map.


  • Kenny
    2014-06-10 17:37
    SCHROTT !!!
  • Targo
    2014-07-03 11:40
    how door open???
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