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Driving M66T v1.0 MR
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Driving M66T v1.0 MR

This time without many words , driving M66T as MoreRealistic , enjoy!

Original description of ansomale :
The driving M66T is a trailed combine harvester built in the 1960s. The cutter has a width of 2.25 m and it is a power requirement of 40hp - 45hp provided . Better, however, are 50hp or more in hilly terrain , as the thresher 's pretty hard also .

The drawbar has two working positions can work well with wider tractors.
My special thanks go to model eicher , who once again offered a long -cherished project of mine .

Model: ansomale, Michl2 (Zapfwelle)
Textur: Ansomale, Michl2
Ingame: modelleicher, ansomale
Scripts: modelleicher(Knickdeichsel, PowershaftLS13Combine, zylinderV2) Sven777b(toggleAnimatedParts)
Umbau auf MR: modelleicher

  • Farmergord
    2014-01-29 23:14 Send message
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    Thanks for sharing your art. The pull type combine is a more affordable alternative for those trying the game without the money mod. I owned an IH 914 on my farm.
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