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Easy Bale Handling Automatic fork v1.0 by acert
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Easy Bale Handling Automatic fork v1.0 by acert

Fter long consideration I've decided my Easy Bale Handling Pack to share with you:-)
T he Pack includes a bale fork and a Black Mountain Bale transport trailer.
Since the ball has stacks always something disturbed in LS me, I have a script written by bales fast and easy to load / stack.
M on drives up to a bale, the bale is then "automatically" positioned and retained on the bale fork. To place the bales again, simply press the right mouse button. The collisions of the bales are off on the fork to make stacking easier, and after settle again automatically activated. Thus is a stacking without accidental "upset" of the stack possible.
Just watch the video about (Beta version from February 2014)
Works with all standard round / square bales!


  • Zzzzz
    2016-05-25 00:54
    this was my personal favorite bale fork in FS13, id like to see it converted to FS15.
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