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Energy Park Map v1.0
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Energy Park Map v1.0

So dear community, after over 6 months of construction, I present now my Energieparkmap available! In the Map stuck my hand hours of work , so I would like to point to appreciate my work accordingly and appreciate !
So now to the Map:
The ZIP archive must be unpacked. In the archive are located , Map , scripts for additional fruit and a tutorial that should help you make the additional types of fruit " harvestable " !
Furthermore, you need the following scripts: Manure mod MapDoorTrigger , manure mod by Eifok team.
On the map you'll find over 70 fields and meadows , 4 biogas plants , 3 yards, 2 villages , additional types of fruit ( green rye , triticale , maize ) and a Baywa - country trade. For map is an autumn version , ie of corn waiting to be harvested it from them, and the biogas plants are hungry ! Catch crops are already sown ! In preparing the terrain and the fields I have placed a lot of emphasis on a real design , so most fields are not square special misshapen and partially rounded. Your vehicles will be delivered to them Baywa country store where they can sell their crop. The Cow Pasture is located in a free playpen, they have to feed their cattle in each cowshed on the map the way ! There is a manure pit of Eifok that already contains 200,000.0 L manure at each farm and each biogas plant. This manure can be used directly as fertilizers !
For more information about triggers and sales and storage facilities in the pictures!
So now I hope you have fun playing ! Greeting Frank / LU -Steiner
This map may without prior authorization from us will be provided to any other sites to download .
We reserve the right to have it removed before any links that do not reference the original download link.
All scripts may not be used free unless permission by the author or general release is available.
We refer in all cases to the Copyright Act . Here are some important paragraphs.
§ 12 Publication of Law
( 1) The author shall have the right to determine whether and how his work is to be published .
( 2) The copyright is reserved to convey the substance of his work publicly , or to describe
as long as neither the work nor the substance or a description of the work is published with his consent .
§ 14 disfigurement of the work
The author has the right to prohibit any distortion or any other mutilation of his work , which is likely to endanger his or her legitimate intellectual or personal interests at work.
§ 23 edits and transformations
Arrangements or other transformations of the work may be published or used only with the consent of the originator of the processed or transformed plant. If it is a film adaptation of the work to the execution of plans and projects of a work of fine arts in order to demand the reconstruction of a work of architecture or to the adaptation or transformation of a database work already producing the adaptation or transformation of the consent of the author.
Source and further laws Excerpts: http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/urhg/index.html
We ask you to comply with those laws , because they are legally binding with this reference.

Danke an allen Moddern denen Objekte ich verbaut habe! Besonders dada und fatian!Heady, Pfreek, MorphX, Fatian, DerFelix98, Desperados 93, Maurus, Johny94, Boje93, Maxter, Stefzimmermann, AGII96,
Bullgore, Johny

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