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Eppleton Farm 2013 Final
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Eppleton Farm 2013 Final

Hello and welcome to my final edit of Eppleton Farm
This version has been changed a lot, Clip distance has been reduce a lot for better playability and make it a little easier for lower ended PC's to possibly run this map, textures and multi terrain detail has been added, Pigs are added and more sales places, including "butchers" "garden centre", quite a bit of work has been done on the original part of the map, which may not be noticed but is for better working of the map.
There is 10 new fields on the extended part of the edit 1 of which, is a massive field already seeded with canola, but there is only one way across which you have to search a little for, manure transfer is also added for the greenhouse area next to the BIO plant, Milktruck works drive's all the way to the main farm and back to the dairy on it's regular time's, main farm has been redesigned and this map only has one farm, there is also now a second village which is just for show and to create a nice looking environment, there is also fruit storage in the middle of the map with also mixing station.

Once again Thank you for downloading and following the progress of this map, and please enjoy all the work entered into the last version of this map.

Giants--------------------For this awesome game and ability to edit and design
FS-UK--------------------For the creation of this website and all members
SeedyMcSeederson---For the blank map
Ni Modding---------------For there shed/houses/wall/gate ect
steven1985--------------For Mixing station
von Mach1--Andy-------For the bridge
vanillaice83--------------For the Electric pole kit
dajoun-tunisia-Marhu--For the foodstorage
von BauerBernd--------For the garden centre
AlbertL--------------------For the manure transfer
petorious-----------------For the Multi terrain detail
If there is anyone missing from mods entered, please pm me and I will edit this to credit you for your work.
Also again a big thank you to everyone out there that's going to upload this map to try, and for FS-UK team members for trying my maps out when ever they are uploaded.

  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-04-16 05:24
    Nice Map ... detailed with standard crops + pigs.Map is a bit tight ... not exactly large equipment or CoursePlay friendly unless you use headlands ... so except to do some fieldwork manually.Secret field was easy to find ... nice bridge ... felt like I was Indiana Jones (The Last Crusade) .... my tractor was taking a leap of faith =)
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