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Estancia Buen Descanco MAP [SP/MP]
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Estancia Buen Descanco MAP [SP/MP]

Well, as everyone was expecting and I promised to post the map today, I'm doing my part, I am posting the map for all to enjoy, I hope you do not edit without permission and the repost on other blogs and videos keep the original credits respecting me and all who collaborated on the map, the map is pretty light without much lag in MP, I promised to post a pack of mods but it will only come out in a few days, I'm packing a few more to post, hope you like the map.

Conversion from 2011 to 2013: Geovane Juver Relief, new cultures, textures and replaced models: Geovane Juver Tester's map: Lucas Matias, Matias Jonas, André Vinicius, Piassa Neto, Luiz CB.

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