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Fahrschul Map v1.0 by Ls-Mod-Tempel
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Fahrschul Map v1.0 by Ls-Mod-Tempel

Hello gamers and gamblers,

here you presented, Ls mod temple, a Fahrschulmap. This map has been created for contractors and other games communities. Here you can get your driving skills provide superiority in convincing style, be it driving the slalom or the reverse parking with turntable, tandem or trailer. Furthermore, you can enjoy a varied road network, which offers some surprises. A little tip keep yourselves as in the driving school at the usual Verkerhszeichen. Here are all signs and post Collis.

The map is tested in SP, MP and server. One (s) can here nothing growing or selling. The MAp is used exclusively for training purposes.

Ls-mod temple wunscht good you succeed in licensing exam and promises you it is a huge fun to practice here.

MfG Bummi.


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