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Fair Heaven v3.51
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Fair Heaven v3.51

Who does not read the description, is your own fault.
I hereby introduce you to a new update.
What have I changed?
converted the farm
implemented the cow pasture
Converted pig farm
Slaughterhouse (an additional point of sale)
Exchanged food storage building
added several shelters
installed a ball hall
the ground texture replacement (looks better)
the corn texture replaced by richer Green
built for the idyllic hills Distance
Fixed the problems with farm shop after buying the mods (which are further Abladepunkte weggesetzt the fence)
Misdemeanors were fixed
The rot is turned off.
Place of placeable objects is available in the yard. (e.g. for straw power plant)
For the LU version, capacity was increased (manure, slurry, silage)
For the map is required:
PDAfix ... http://www.modhoster.de/mods/schweinemast-hilfe (otherwise the pigs are not included in prices)
I hope you like the changes.
Feedback you can make at Forbidden mods ... http://forbidden-mods.phpbb8.de/feeddbackbereich-f586/fair-heaven-und-version-t3682.html
Link 1: SP version ... 119.62 MB
Please also visit my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragnod/377562869032136?fref=ts
The map may be offered only using the original link to other pages.
The Map may be published on other sites as long as the original link will be used.

Werner (bekannt unter dem Nick "ironman4002"), Mukussu, Deepblue, PaPa und Kai
Marhu (Schweinemastbetrieb)

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