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Farm Life v2.5.1
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Farm Life v2.5.1

Here is my Farm Life based on the standard map Hagenstedt
The yard is worden.Kuh easily changed and sheep grazing are closer to the farm
Amended Start Vehicles
The map is ausgelegt.Die on helper and Course Play meistem trees without Collision

The pigs and cattle fattening, Watermod, the Fütterlager, a small BGA, the Eifok country store, a gas station Aral, car wash, agricultural aviation, balance to the BGA, a livestock Andel and butchery have been installed.

Changed ground textures
Rotting is disabled

However, it is still the standard Hagenstedt Map, Who does not like it must be the map does not even download

I would like to also thank the reviewers of the map (Without you I would have not noticed a lot of mistakes)

It will patch 2.0 or higher is required!
This map may only be offered using the original link to other pages.

BGA für Kleinbetriebe von Typho0n
Agrarflieger,Schweinemast und Rindermast von Marhu
Futterlager von frisco0177
Der Eifok Landhandel
Aral Tankstelle
Forgotten Plants Texture Pack
DDR Wassertank

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