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Farmer textures modular v1.0
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Farmer textures modular v1.0

Hi Ls community

I've made for me once a farmer textures kit and would not like to deprive you. It can thus be of some overlays create a HD texture Farmer in no time.

Now for sure, many complain, because of the huge size of the pack, but this is easily explained.

In addition to the overlays are in the pack 19 finished textures included. Depending on a directory with all the files in DDS format (Diffuse 2048x2048, 1024x1024 Normal, Specular 512x512) so therefore ready for use, besides the Diffuse file in each folder also listed as a PNG. That makes it big, of course. But is made for those who know not so good with textures.

A hopefully understandable and adequate instructions are also included in the pack.

If that is too much and is too big, it does not load, yes.

I wish you much fun with the textures and texturing!


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