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Farmet v1.0
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Farmet v1.0

Moin I converted here Sähmaschine of Nogger from the LS11 in LS13. I have nothing further modified at the sähmachine. I hope you like it. Have fun with it.

The unit can saw you and grubber together

Planter for wheat, barley, maize, oilseed rape and grass.
Together you get a pack of big bags for filling (filled only in this way), and hooks for both - Telescopic loaders and front loaders joints.

True seeds ussage:
Wheat 220 kg / ha
Barley 200 kg / ha
Corn 50-70 kg / ha
Rape 6 kg / ha
Grass 35 kg / ha

Seeder 4000 l (or 3000 l 1000 l ana seed fertilizer)
Big Bags 1000 l

Seeder - 72000
Bags - 360-10000

Warning: seeder is to be repaired at speeds greater than 15 km / h and had damaged.
First repair is for 1000 euros, the second is much more expensive.


Transmitter could be filled only after opening the lid.

A. Fold / unfold - "X" button
. Cover - "O" key
. Partition - "B" button
. Drill Up / Down - press the "V"
. Fan (Seeding) - "B" button
. Up / down tractor 3-point hitch - button "insert" / "Delete" to adjust the height
. Working lights - "End" key
. Ridge Marker - Press the "J" and "L" automatic "K"
. Tank empty - "R" key

For ladder, cover - go to the seeder.
Go To empty the tank at the front right part of the drill.

Model: nogger
Texture: nogger
convert: mxfreund12

model: nogger
texture: nogger
convert: mxfreund12

  • Jirka71
    2014-07-18 18:50
    This is the stolen mod.The original author is Maca Models-LSczech forum
  • Ant


    2014-07-20 22:54
    try loading the seeder with big bags included and it freezes
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