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Feed storage mod v1.3.2
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Feed storage mod v1.3.2

I once sat down and made the camp into a placeable object.
It has folgendene functions:
2 versions (buy & rent version)
Level indicator in InfoHud
Grass / hay store / swap
Straw (barley / wheat) store / swap
Silage store / swap
Compound feed store / swap

You can with every trailer / loader wagon tilt into the bearings.
currently you can only discharge the warehouse with a front loader and a matching shovel (for the Different varieties).
The feed mixer can "ONLY" tilt and remove anything.

Since I have worked with the UPK her desperately needs the UniversalProcessKit ( http://www.modhoster.de/mods/universalprocesskit )
Error which I could not fix currently:
If you buy more than 2 storage / rented the game starts to stutter and mighty in the log messages without any.
For comments and suggestions I am grateful.
So enough text, I wish you much fun with the mod and hope that everything works as far as it is my first * smaller * Mod.

Nochmal !DANKE!
frisco0177 für das Grundgerüst
mor2000 für sein UPK
MR-Winkenhof für die Auffahr Rampe
tantas für die Bodenplatte

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