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Fendt Favorit 4S v1.0 ohne MR
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Fendt Favorit 4S v1.0 ohne MR

Hello community

Here I present you my reconstruction of schlüterfan1977's Fendt Favorit 4S for download.

- AO Texture (New distressed look!)
- Front linkage (New Not original, but sometimes useful!)
- Fully animated hydraulic
- New rear hydraulics from Schlüter Super 950 (New Not original, but at lengths nicer!)
- Switchable weights (MR increase with the weight felt)
- Pflugmod (New!)
- Drawbar (New!)
- Drawbar and hitch dazzled when attaching an appliance to the HH from (New!)
- Group circuit with original transmission data (New Only in the MR version!)
- New roof (New! Also not original, but in my opinion a lot nicer)
- Realistic exhaust particle system (in both versions)
- ESLimiter (Not in the MR version)
- Hood and FH are on / Hide State (New!)
- Lighting V31
- Realistic Indoor Camera

For the gear shift in the MR Mod the real manual transmission is .zip required! Link: http://www.schwabenmodding.bplaced.net/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=3386
I hope the functions and images say to you, download costs nothing, so just try it;)
Have fun with the mod)

It is FORBIDDEN for the mod to share on other sites, among other link!
It's FORBIDDEN to share the mod with false link on other pages!

Modell, Textur, Ingame: schlueterfan1977
Published (LS13): modelleicher
Neue Textur und Bearbeitung: donkey

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