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Fiat 1000 DT v1.0 MR
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Fiat 1000 DT v1.0 MR

Fiat 1000 DT More Realistic and Washable. Key Num 7,8,9 open/close door ore windows, key alt+5 add silague on tractor. Mod by OM Company and Xeptic Modding Team (Jukka).

Xeptic Modding Team (Jukka)

  • Fmt modding
    2014-10-27 17:51
    this is not modding and shit, hood and cab of 1300 by gya my 1300 dt immediately raised this shit
  • Jukka
    2014-10-27 18:52
    Only cabine is of 1300 dt, and your 1300 is fucking shit large 80 mb, first download and see mod, and then took about them.
  • Fmt modding
    2014-10-27 19:04
    and large 80 MB, and because in high poly and because of people like you that modding goes to hell
  • Jukka
    2014-10-27 19:36
    this fiat model is make OM, only what i take from 1300 is cabine,
  • Fmt modding
    2014-10-27 19:49
    the fact remains that you are a thief also took the hood of a private mod by gya could also ask about modhoster if you could edit the mod but you would never have granted the fact that I threw the blood that is not what you did
  • ***gya***
    2014-10-27 20:03
    but not a bit ashamed? practically have assembled two mods that do not belong to you, of which the base is a totally private Mods, and have the courage to call Team, started to make her the Mods, and not to steal those of others and pass for yours.
  • #trevor
    2014-10-27 20:44
    U bre deco pa sta je ovo posvadjase se oko jebenog modaaa auuu
  • Andrea
    2014-10-27 21:51
    Anche un pirla capisce che ti hanno fregato la mod e modificata a cazzo denominandola 1000 dt....
  • Jukka
    2014-10-27 22:47
    Fiat 1000 DT give some guy, and on description was wrote OM Company was make Model, scripts, and textures, and he say me to i can edit this mod, i didnt know th mod is private, and what it is private, you will died? And cabine is only from "High Polly" Fiat 1300 DT.
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