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Flatline Map 2014 v1.0
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Flatline Map 2014 v1.0

Hello Ls fans
Here I would like to offer you my map that I habe.Da built from scratch, I myself am only as single player in the ls-13 on the way, I have also built up accordingly.
For me personally ore is important that everything that has to do with cattle is at / on a farm.
After the standard animals, here also the rearing of calves, pigs and cattle is installed on the Map.
Ansich enough options to sometimes to take care of the animals.
The water-Mod, Unkraut_Mod from the Mig-Map and additional manure / dung / lime-Mod can be found on this map.
Furthermore, a Bga is installed, the sales agent for eggs, wool and all types of fruit. A pig and cattle sales outlet is available separately.
There are still pedestrians who make their rounds in a small village, the milk truck appears regelmäßig.Außerdem is on the map at a collection center for horseshoes been created.
Vehicular traffic is not present here, because it simply does not allow the road course.
The fields are purchasable for the most part, this should not increase the "difficulty".
The "rot" is disabled, also the growth levels have been increased.
All fertilizers can be incorporated into the soil, it means nothing other than that you weggubbern everything plowing or sowing kann.Nach can / should then be fertilized again.
I have been aware of the pictures a text to explain everything would have been difficult. Seriously, who can already read a lot !?

Buildings and textures:
-Landhandel By Eifok Team
Porcine / bovine / calf breeding / chicken coop / FermentingSilo u. Water Mod by Marhu
-Buildings / Objects by LS-Landtechnik.com, Abate, Katsuo, mario Dieck, frisco0177, Sigie85, Funky
Texture maps by ZeFir_POLAND, brzeziolpl, Eribus, TL500, Tom, The920Power, Schöbse, heli007
-Bga By Stonbracker & Big-M-Lord
Trees by Solanz
Unfortunately it was not possible to locate me all modders, despite all the thanks goes to those who were not enumerated here!

Milk and water with trailer, thanks to a spit for the release
But I also need to write the 100% is not ig the PDA and the missions should be turned off in the game. "Put vehicles back" is not possible here!
Important: The farms from the shop please do not buy, they are not designed for a further purchase! The conversion and re-uploading the farms,
has been confirmed by Marhu, thank you for this!
Addition. For the removal of all Fruchsorten, Fertilizer & Lime with a shovel, unfortunately mod must be self-concerned, there was no release for some!
This is the only and last version of the map. I will make no further modifications to it.
Allen DL User'n much fun!
Mfg Ernstl from the far north

These mods are required:
-Gülle / Crap / Lime Mod: http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=29
-PDA-Fix: http://marhu.net/ModPage.php?mod=PDAFix
Porcine / bovine Transport: http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=754


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    2014-08-29 13:21
    hi your map is nice there is a one problems your the potato crop is not in my kleine multi fruits
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