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Ford F:250 xlt camper v1.0
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Ford F:250 xlt camper v1.0

this mod has decals that are sponsors for an offroad race. there are no problems with the mod. thats it. ENJOY!

American Iron Modding (aka: AIM) Trucker429

  • Js


    2014-11-10 18:45
    looks like a dodge 1500 not a ford
  • John smith
    2014-11-11 20:48
    downloaded this rig last night & it works great, the camper just needs to be a bit longer to look right, it looks like a 6' shortbox camper on a 8' longbox pickup, the trucj its self though looks really great.
  • Mack (bull hauler)
    2014-11-12 00:37
    so who didnt get perms from mudbone and Rock 1899
  • Rocker1899
    2014-11-13 00:27
    I gave no permission to anyone to post my mod on any other page except American Iron Modding. This mod is to be taken down immediately.
  • Trey
    2014-11-30 17:52
    how do u download it to ur game on xbox 360
  • Guess
    2015-01-10 08:07
    American Iron Modding has such mediocre mods. Seriously they are unfinished and look bad. I like realism in my games. Stop crying about your "work in progress".
  • Guest
    2015-03-07 05:54
    hey trucker429 can you email me @ [email protected] I converted your camper to fs15 and I would like permission to release it on my instagram account please respond thanks.-DJ
  • Kaleeb
    2015-10-10 22:04
    i always get theres mods but how do u put it on the xbox 360 it does not work
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