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Fordson Mayor 4WD
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Fordson Mayor 4WD

Fordson Mayor 4WD for Farming Simulator 2013 - STAND: 50L/c, Transmission: 30km/h Animation steering gear, propeller shaft, dynamic exhaust hood opens. Included uniaxial trailer volume: 3800l. Transporting wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sah.sveklu manure. Lighting, Light, animation unloading the trailer. For game version 2.0 and higher. Granted Fahrer.

Authors: DDS-Modding

Installation: Copy the downloaded file in the folder My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\
File Size: 8,01Mb


  • Guest
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    Thanks very much for sharing, will the more comon 2wd be comming? Thanks for making a non mr mod. Lots of us out there have problems with mr mods.
  • Dds-modding
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    Publications on other sites ONLY with Orginalink!http://uploaded.net/file/qi0ym8jr
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