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ForestMap Edit BartoszeXiCrafteR
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ForestMap Edit BartoszeXiCrafteR

Author: ZeFir and BartoszeXiCrafteR

- Added mod lime
- Improved marketing fields
- Added weight that weighs crop (buying)
- Fixed supersilotrigger
- Added 3D field roads
- Fixed PDA
- Optimized map largely
- Added lime piles at farms

After Edition:
- Removed one farm
- A second farm quite changed
- New skins crops
- And some other pierdółek

Thank you for agreeing to release the Zephyr map. Map took a long time to be delivered because the agreement was for a long time but I had to make a map from scratch because there were errors.
A big thank you for such a wonderful pasika1236 photos that depict the map.
We wish you many miles spent hours on this map :)
Needed fashion:
- superSiloTrigger.zip
- GuelleMistMod.zip

ZeFir and BartoszeXiCrafteR

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