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Forstkaefig for Weidemann TL v1.0
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Forstkaefig for Weidemann TL v1.0

Here I have for a forestry cage for the Weidemann wheel loaders 4270th In anticipation of the Forstmods I once built a forestry cage for the Weidemann, because in Forstmod for the Weidemann a pliers tree should be included. Thus, in the sawmills to play a role. He still looks a little better and is more universally usable, I have built a retrofit forestry cage. In addition, it extends the Weidemann to a height-adjustable ball coupler, so that one sometimes hangers can range all the way.
File into modfolder. Delivered on a pallet, ready to pull over backwards.
Price 2200 LS
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