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Fortschritt E 303 v1.0 MR
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Fortschritt E 303 v1.0 MR

Moin community
here is my first published MR reconstruction.
It is the original swather "e 303 v 0.1" from "vasilisvasilis31".
Now as progress E303 V1.0 MR "grasshopper" edition.
I have installed only the MR-specifications, a bit gadgets and some texture changes. So everything went the way I wanted it, the E303 is now technically a "harvester" and not a "deck". Unfortunately, that has a 'small' disadvantage (see Features).
-all originals (sliding door, sun visor, animated engine)
- E303 Sound Update and indoor sound v 1.2 "no snow" of already installed
-nötige MR specifications (eg ingenious 80PS, 4650kg, incredible 20km / h)
-Fruchtanimation In cutting (wheat, barley, grass)
-Reifenstaub (Field and dirt road)
-Schneidwerkwagen With holding function
Illumination adapted (eg, front working lights)
Adapted -Abgasqualm
-Nachteil: Since the E303 now processed wheat and barley and does not cut, it shall here only from straw, ie the volume / mass is unfortunately less (If anyone knows a trick how to increase the deposited amount of straw, please PN.).
--- !!! Who discovered Error: I am grateful for constructive criticism and help !!! ---
Finally (views) THANK YOU to "vasilisvasilis31" for the original E303, to "no snow" for the sound and "Marmoe" for his help with the annoying Colli.
Thank you ... to all the scripting, modding, mapping, Painten, ...

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