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Fred Meijer edition v1.1
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Fred Meijer edition v1.1

So people here I present you the times Fred Meijer online edition
have the model again completely revised so that it now also has ne cylinder still in it
But testing it simple
Caution still beta but logfehlerfrei
Bales are secured by pressing X and it also go the claws into the bales purely

Key: fix X bales
simultaneously also go the claw into the bale into!
With F key you can also turn on the light with
MFG fin050808

Model: fin050808

  • Fin050808
    2014-01-24 16:26
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    Delete immediately here as all mods by me there was no permit erteilet!Sofort löschen hier so wie alle mods von mir es wurde keine erlaubnis erteilet!!!
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