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FreilandMap v1.0 Forst Wirtschafts Edition
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FreilandMap v1.0 Forst Wirtschafts Edition

Here we have the FreilandMap Forestry and Economic Edition for you.
In the map we have created a small forest has to be bought with 3419 precipitable trees only once, from the wood chips you can then make briquettes the man can take fuel to the furnace, besides you can from the wood chips to produce particleboard and all this at the local dealers sell.
Next, your processed rapeseed to rapeseed oil further and then sold it at the local supermarket
Pigs and cattle breeding your course brings then to the butcher of you again around steak makes of it what you can sell at the local supermarket.

Mods are the Requirements:
GülleMistKalk: http://uploaded.net/file/9vmo4idn
Multi Sprayer herbicide Mod: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multisprayer-herbicide-mod
ForstMod: http://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=de&mod_id=384
Pigs and cattle transport: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/krampe-pigs-and-cattle-transporter

Other things you must find out for yourself because there anyway always no description reads we can also write to us here save a thousand-page text ..
This Mod Can not be modified and re-uploaded.
Visit us something on our site, and learn more about our projects and much more:

Ls-2013Modding http://Ls-2013Modding.de
BadenBauer http://qualitaetsmods.de/
Alex2009 http://Alex2009.de
Sven777b http://Ls-Landtechnik.com

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