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Fruechteparadies v3.0
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Fruechteparadies v3.0

So dear players.
I have made you a VERY hilly 4-fold map.
She is a multi Fruit map with many fruits.
The map is NOT wither
To the map : - were built
Water Mod - Trenke cows - sheep - chicken
There are 10 points of sale for the products
You have 4 boxes 4 grass fields 2 grape fields
Also available are 1 greenhouse ( salad) 1 greenhouse ( tomatoes) 1 hothouse ( Krüter ) and 3 apiaries
And Solaranlgen and wind turbines
All other fields must be purchased
Fields purchase is on the roof of the parking garage .
Farzeuge for the game are so that you can all their crops and store.
There is a traffic and also the milk truck drives with your own but also sell the milk can ( see Marker )
The PDA works and also the Farzeuge - reset is
Going out from the courtyard where there are signs that is sold except the sign ( courtyard) on the streets you always Fürt Nachhaues
All fruits can be stored on the farm for sale
Since the Abladestazione stand in rows at the beginning of each row was placed a large blue sign - so you can see what Frücht in this series can be unloaded and you need not look far
If there are questions you should be first look at the pictures then are many questions superfluous ( for example - I think not)
Last - The price of grapes is very high because the yield is very Nidrig and a lot of work to prepare it is all handmade without helper
Do I want to thank all the Obiekte I have installed
I Empfele
Sadmaschine because it is suitable also for hill ( AmazoneSeeder20M_2013 )
Big thanks go to Pipa Jeriko Dimanix for the release of Farzeuge
Also, I would like to thank Ronny Wolfgang Dietmar Tohmas for help with the map and some ideas
See for yourself what you could do more . Any suggestions as always to me via PN - will try to fulfill all when it comes .
MFG Walter
It may only be used the original download link ! !
This map must not be modified or uploaded anywhere else without permission.
It may only be used the original download link!


  • Guest
    2014-07-23 15:15 Send message
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    I canĀ“t play the game
  • Guest
    2014-08-04 10:09 Send message
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    Can you please tell me which mod I can use to harvest Kiwi, Apricot, Aubergine, Bromberry, Savoycabbage and sugarcane
  • Fasirt
    2014-08-12 22:48 Send message
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  • Name
    2014-10-12 08:57 Send message
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    the v3 big bug ,lag extreme.the best the v2 http://www.ls2013.com/farming-simulator-2013/fruechteparadies-v-2-0.html
  • Kitty
    2015-07-10 18:58 Send message
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    Looks really nice but there is k-rails everywhere blocking everything. How to remove them?
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