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FT300 and beet harvester Combi v1.0
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FT300 and beet harvester Combi v1.0

Simple and sturdy, this was the formula in the development of the drawn beet harvester Rootster with 4-ton overloading bunker, which is available as a 6-row model. . All other drives are designed mechanically and maintenance. This increases the ease of service and also provides a low power requirement (from 110 kW/150 hp). The Rootster can be used in the one-phase method with the FT 300.
That is two steps in a front herb hitting and clear rear saves half of time
This combination is the Great Maxtron nothing after only difference is the bunker volume both clear 6 rows
Setting Hint Roder and once when turning on headlands only raise the FT300
by Radtaster and the beet harvester button is keeping the good track
Reap so much fun beet
Thanks who have supported me to the people

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