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Garaging Hall v1.0
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Garaging Hall v1.0

Garaging Hall
I was not entirely satisfied with the standard storage facilities,
I have built a large covered parking hall for you.
The door and the doors go on with the O button!
The lights come on automatically.
Whom all the accessories is too much like it can delete!
The mod has been tested and is without Logfehler !!!

The following is needed:
MapDoorTrigger v 4.0 by John Deere 6930
(Can be downloaded at Modhoster)
Patch 2.1
The mod must be inserted with the Giants Editor 5.5.2 in your map!
Basic knowledge required in any case.
(There is a small description of who does not get further still, can get information in various tutorials)
I hope the sheepfold like it, for suggestions and healthy criticism, I am very grateful!
I beg you höfflichst, if you have downloaded the Mod, Mod to assess the fair also. For that, the rating system is there. I ask who discovered errors or have problems with this mod, the send me a PM.
There will be a placeable version, but no
Has functions!
This mod may not be modified without my permission DO NOT !!!
This mod can be made to anywhere using the ORIGINAL download link to download!
Have fun with this mod
Greeting wild fox

John Deere 6930 (MapDoorTrigger)

  • Guest
    2014-10-28 23:03 Send message
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    whats the point of making a placeable if it does not have functions
  • Austin
    2014-10-30 01:30 Send message
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    Would you be able to make a building with 2 bay doors only? Thanks
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