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Garden Center v5.0
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Garden Center v5.0

He's back ! Unfortunately, I had this mod under the Accound SLP20131 publish because the old one was locked. Please ask me questions and not to BaueBernd.Vielen Thanks for your understanding. I had long wondered whether I should make one. When I came to the decision to make even a steadfast that he had to be completely rebuilt . So I started from scratch. Probably is the version 5.x the last , but if you still want a sixth version, I 'm considering dass Because with a completely new V6 GC will again arise . Since that seems right to a new patch for the LS, I can not say if everything still works , because beta patches , can ever give rise to bugs. This version ( V5.0 ) was tested on patch Final . As was the garden center kommplet newly built course I wish such as: - Multi Fruit ( apples are already registered Standert ) - signage - considered more space. Also, I have tried to bring nature into my building . So you will find green spaces everywhere. After 20 hours of continuous work , I could say that the GC V5 finished ist.Ich have tried to keep the file size as small as mölich , but there are still 20 MB . But to even get all the information you look at the video : http://goo.gl/XxHKX7

And around the times express briefly :
Features:- sale of potatoes, sugar beet, manure, grass / hay, straw , fruit and vegetables and of course wool purchase of : seeds, fertilizers , water, manure and weedkiller - Signposted - nature integrated - many details obstructed But what needs to be made? Splines embarrassed (for people ) Forstmod block trigger
So and now it's your turn : What should be done? Write it me in the comments.

Important Links

SLP20131 ( Bernd Bauer , gamer10 ) You Tube : http://goo.gl/ujXXBT Website: http://goo.gl/2S0sUc Google+ : http://goo.gl/NM58S6 Twitter: http://goo.gl/ y9WS2e GamezeeGames : You Tube : http://goo.gl/erqmU9 website: http://goo.gl/oeIeOv Google+ : http://goo.gl/mIty5m Twitter: http://goo.gl/bzGqKa

Legal Constitution :
The garden center may not be ohen my Zustmmunge rebuilt and re-uploaded . It may be offered to other websites only under my name , description, and download links . Letters such as ( for example this super mod was not built by me, but by SLP20131 ) are allowed. This mod may not be without asking installed on Maps. The change of things the GC V5 are only allowed on maps (eg, fence remove ) . But writes me as Urmodder in the credits. When violations of the mod will be reported and deleted. In addition, a complaint against the user is submitted. Images may not be altered and can not be uploaded again. Please use the existing images. Nevertheless, it is allowed to add own images.
With kind regards, GamezeeGames

Die Credits sind im Download Paket entahlten.

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