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Gas Station Trigger Extended v4.1.7
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Gas Station Trigger Extended v4.1.7

Extended Tank Trigger | Gas station trigger extended
Gas Station Trigger Extended is a Map object which has to be installed with the Giants Editor.
This mod with any of the Hagenstedt Modified 2013 use , there
he is already integrated !
This tank triggers can be used in the game like normal tank trigger.
The only thing that is different: the tank Prices change every hour as well as the fruit prices.
Also, just fuel trailer to the ( approved ) can be filled tank places to be filled in order , for example, furnished Hoftankstellen , simply drive up to the " unloading " of the Hoftankstelle and transfer the contents (default assignment tilting , press the Q ) .
The trigger and the scripts can also be applied to other gas stations so naturally , that's up to you. The same applies to the digital displays of the gas pumps .
================================================== =========
Contents of the package
================================================== =========
This package is included :
a Hoftankstelle to fill (+ textures)
a gas station to refuel vehicles and trailers (+ textures)
a script for petrol stations
some txt files with the necessary guidance and entries for the modDesc.xml your card
a HUD icon ( fuelHud.dds )
================================================== =========
Features at a glance
================================================== =========
The gas station contained herein has changing prices, not rigid so as in the original LS. In addition, the uplift rate is indicated and who paid the price.
The Hoftankstellen must first be filled before use with a supply trailer , only then , vehicles can be refueled here , but the Hoftankstellen have only a limited capacity .
It can be installed as many Hoftankstellen on the map , as well as normal stations can be built in unlimited numbers .
The prices can be set separately with a multiplier to the basic price also depending on the gas station.
Can be Filled up the Hoftanks this has been tested with any normal tank trailer with the original GIANTS Fueltrailer (also in the MR version ) as well as the feeder -fuel trailer of Repi .


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