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General Lee v2.0
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General Lee v2.0

This mod was originally made for FS 2009 and 2011, a 2013 version was not available... until now!
The base model from Chrisp267 was converted and has been made suitable for FS 2013. So credits to Chrisp267 for providing the base mod.
But this mod has more to offer! It has been reworked and tweaked thoroughly since the first version.

So what do you get in this new version?
- An epic General Lee model (thanks to Chrisp267).
- Improved handling and a topspeed of 100 km/h
- Fully functioning lights (head, rear, brake, reverse and indicators).
- Dust clouds and dirt tracks behind the wheels.
- Triggerable themesong and Bo Dukes "YeeHaw".
- A washable dirtskin (textures thanks to SirKriegslok). Your General Lee will become dirtier and dirtier over time. Just clean it with a pressure washer if you want it to be shiny again.
- The ability to take one of your friends with you in the passenger seat.
- A help menu for the ingame features which will unfold by pressing the Numpad 0 key.

Fully multiplayer tested, working and crash free!


Special thanks to SirKriegslok for providing the dirt textures, M60Beowulf and SirKriegslok for multiplayer testing and Chrisp267 for the base mod.

TheBossie (Chrisp267)

  • Michael
    2014-11-28 00:50
    I have been trying to add an attacher joint so I can tow my utility trailer with this car, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it work
  • Deaffarmer
    2015-07-22 07:58
    It isn't working for me :(
  • Chris
    2017-06-06 16:27
    can you make the mod for farming simulator 17
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