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Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 v1.0
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Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 v1.0

Folding Cutting the brand "GERINGHOFF".
Working width: 6.6 meters.
harvestable crops: wheat, barley, canola, oats and sunflower.
Soft start and soft stop of all rotating parts.
Lockout if SW is closed.
Folding lock when SW is turned off or lifted.
Halm - and rape dividers are automatically removed when the SW is closed.
If the SW is completely collapsed, a caddy with warning signs will be mounted at the front automatically.
The reel can NOT be manually adjusted.
Multiplayer ok!
Shop price: € 41,000
Maintenance costs per day: 8 €
Polys: 21000 Total VRam: 10 MB
Patch 2.0 is required!.

Modell, Textur und Ingame: usxi7sd

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