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Giants Island FS08 Map For FS13
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Giants Island FS08 Map For FS13

Giants Island
FS2008 Map For FS2013
FS09 Fendt Machines Pack Included
Introduction To The Map

Water mod
Withering disabled
Packed as one ZIP file
No Unzipping/reziping required
Custom missions and help icons
Converted from original FS2008 game
Based around growing wheat
Default fruits plus gravel
Small and large fields
Updated textures
Isolated island

Giants Island Tour
European design
One farmyard
A small village
Sellpoints at port
Bridge in construction
240 arable hectares
4 square kilometers land area
6 kilomters of coastline
Several beaches

Wool and Eggs
Machine dealership
Grains, potatoes, beets, solid manure
Milk truck staging
Gravel storage

Overhead bin for wheat
Small barn for all other fruits
Bunkers for silage, forage, grass, and straw
Machine shed for equipment
Chickens by farm driveway
Cows north of farm
Sheep roam freely

Two chapels
Three houses
Two multi-story buildings
Additional egg sellpoint
Trash collection job

Fendt Models
209, 716, 936, and 936BB tractors
614 with and without front loader
9460, 8350, and 5270 combines
6000, 7700, 9200, 10200 and corn header
Bucket holds all fruits except gravel
Bale and pallet forks
1290s baler

FS09 Fendt Package Conversion to FS13:
Giants (Original Vehicles)
Vallsta (Vehicles and Implements Convert)
Feterlj (Fixed the Bucket to Accept Fruits Properly)
Sandgroper/Golim (Headers)

FS08 Map Conversion To FS13:
Giants (Original Map)
John Farmer/Feterlj (FS08 to FS11 Convert)
Feterlj (FS11 to FS13 Convert)
NI Modding (Water Plane)
Topbauer (Water Plane Texture)
Dahemac (Starry Night Sky Texture)
Lukas/MDW (Sky Texture)
Reaper9111 (Authentic Corn Texture)
JohnDeereLTR180/Giants (Grass Texture)
Bummi/Little_Arti Textur (Crop Fodder Beet Texture)
ZeFir (Real Potatoes Texture, Wheat Texture)
Profesional Farmer 2014 (Gravel Texture)
_the_dark_ (Ground Textures)
Sandgroper (Farm Fence V1.3)
Frisco0177/Giants (Futterlager V1.2)
Marhu (Water Mod V3.0)
DjiZoN/Zidan (Animal HUD V2.4)
Lecra (New Lighthouse Borkum Lights)
Dimre (Billboard)
FSM: Bluebaby210/Model Eicher/Fiat80 - 90DT/Webalizer (Custom Help Icons)


J Willy
BH13 Contractors

Sandgroper did most of the testing, I need to applaud him for his hard work

  • Jamie feterl
    2014-05-10 14:26
    This is an unauthorized upload without the author's permission.The author will allow the map to stay here, but be advised that the author will not be supporting it here.If you need assistance, have questions or comments, please contact the author at www.Facebook.com/FET3DThank you for your cooperation.Sincerely, Jamie Feterl, AKA Feterlj Owner of FET3D Mega Map Productions, and map creator
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