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Giants v1.0.0
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Giants v1.0.0

Hi folks, here is my first extended map.
It was designed from pure fantasy, and built with heart.
You do not need mods for the map!
There are more fields were cultivated on the map, or the campsite is now a mean
meadow where you can hay or chopping.
The golf course has now been converted into a huge box! There is currently corn.
There the sheep cow pasture was redesigned and the main courtyard and harbor.
Now I wish you lot of fun playing!
Ps: if you want to also have a 2.0.0 where you can play with the forest writes it
just in this Commission!
By GhostKiller23 and DerLs13ZockerGemeinde
Website: http://diels13zockergemeinde.weebly.com/

GhostKiller23, Giants

  • Max1407
    2014-08-06 04:16
    bonjoura tu tester ta maps parce qu'il y a un gros souci sur certaine parcelle tu conduit ton tracteur se bloque se cabre puis coincer on ne peux plus rien faire obliger de le vendre pour moi tu a supprimer des arbre ou autre mais fais attention les arbre son supprimer visuellement mais au même endroits reste leur mémoire fisiques ainsi que certain bâtiment
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