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Gilibert 1800 Pro++ v1.0 Trailer MR
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Gilibert 1800 Pro++ v1.0 Trailer MR

This is the standard Giants Gilibert1800Pro trailer, converted to MR by dural, and with added fill types.
The original MR version has: wheat; rape; maize; barley; chaff; potato; sugarBeet; silage; manure.
This version adds: wheat_windrow; barley_windrow; forage; grass_windrow.
This trailer is useful for livestock feeding work and can be used with the Feed mixer station mod and Futterlager (feed storage) mod.
It will also fit inside the NI Modding cattle shed and pig mod shed to deliver straw grass and feed.
Required mods:
FS2013 Patch 2.0
MoreRealistic Package V1.1 by dural

Giants - Original model and textures

dural - MoreRealistic Engine and original conversion to MR
SteveC - added filltypes Grass, straw, fodder.

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