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Gleaner Pack
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Gleaner Pack

Seeing as there is alot of red and green on here i figured agco needed to be represented as well.
So here is a Gleaner pack that includes a R75, S77, 8 row and 12 row 3000 cornheaders, 7200, 8200, and a 9200 platforms.
This is a pack from fs-uk done by CASEIHMAGNUM215.
Have gotten permission from all authors involved to put on this site only.
Thanks to julian11 and CASEIHMAGNUM for allowing me to convert to 2013.
Everything works accordingly and without error. If any problems feel free to let me know.
Also the 8 row corn head will fold up when hire mode so just push x again after you hire and will fold out correctly. make sure header is selected when doing this.
Seems alot of the geringhoff of the 8 row model do this.
That being said have fun with the mod and thanks again to all that allowed me to convert these.

Model: julian11
Headers: Gaxi, Bayn, CIHMAGNUM215, Zippo, Katsuo, nOObody,shangri66, Jdfan
Convert 2013: skoomalegend

  • Jeremyj621
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    This mod doesn't work. It doesn't even show up on the list of mods in the game.
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