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Goldental v1.0
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Goldental v1.0

Hello dear community,
I present to you now the Goldental that a successor type of Goldrush from the LS11 be soll.Ich've made whole again after my thoughts runs. This map is based on a deciduous tree area in a forest area about ... anyway, I've tried so.
But I think the photos speak for themselves and I do not have to say all too much to it;)
But I must say that this map is equal to only 95% finished ... some features are not yet complete and and the log is up to two texture error is not perfect but these 5% affect the game in any way.
in V1 following was installed:

Additional scripts and mods:
-Gülle And Mist Mod
-Chopped Straw

Objects and buildings:
-2 Biogas plants (Manuel and a self-created)
-2 Villages
-Sandstrand With ice cream shop

Required Mods:
Manure Mod

Now I would like to thank the whole modding world team for the test of the map and the help I have received, thank you, even if the modders whose elaboration I used to build this map !! Unfortunately I have not written down your names ....
but still a Thick Thank you :)

Goldental I will do the LS15 100%... some changes are of course the LS15 but still come so you know before that there will be this map again.
This map must not be modified and published!!


  • Leo


    2014-10-13 19:20
    j'aime set maps elle et treau coole
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