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Gooseneck Header Trailer
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Gooseneck Header Trailer

I bring to you a TessFarms original.  This header trailer was designed and built by me.  What sets this trailer apart from the other header trailers out there is, it has an extendable deck, and movable saddles to haul up to 40' headers comfortably.  It is also equipped with blinkers, and lock script and will hook up to any attacherJoint "semitrailer", allthough it was made to pull with a pickup.

Model:  TessFarms
Textures:  TessFarms
XML:  TessFarms
Beleuchtung: Sven777b
objectAttacherJBT: Geri-G edited by PeterJ FS-UK modteam

Key "o" to lock and unlock
mouse controls for the extendable deck, and saddles

*I do NOT authorize any FS15 conversions*
*Do NOT share this model to any sites other than my original uploads!!*

If you are going to take the time to rate, please give feedback on why you do, or dont like the mod.  I am always open to constructive criticism, or things that you would like to see changed.  Thanks

Model: TessFarms
Textures: TessFarms
XML: TessFarms
Beleuchtung: Sven777b
objectAttacherJBT: Geri-G edited by PeterJ FS-UK modteam

  • Terrible...
    2016-08-15 20:46
    The guy who made this isn't really capable of making something of decent quality. You don't get points for producing low quality mods, you get stars on this site. One star. Because I couldn't give zero stars.
  • Suck dick terrible...
    2016-08-15 23:09
    go to hell dude. it's a trailer. what else do you want from it besides the fact that is does an excellent job hauling your headers? perhaps you wanted it to lick your pussy?? LMFAO!!!
  • Awww :)
    2016-08-16 01:27
    How cute, someone is all butt hurt that someone else made fun of this pile of shit trailer. I agree with the first guy, these trailers have newbie written all over them
  • Big e
    2016-08-16 03:49
    you trolls know this is a 2013 mod right?
  • @big e
    2016-08-16 04:00
    you know that this would be a crap mod if it was for 2009 right? Shut the fuck up, big e, only people who can't mod still try to mod for 2013.
  • To the troll
    2016-08-17 01:07
    sorry fella I no longer play fs13 and really have no use for this trailer but to bash a guy for releasing it seams pretty petty don't you think?the guy who released this has been modding for a while, released this on AEM for the ones still stuck on fs13you don't like it don't download it!!!!!!
  • Lol


    2016-08-17 01:36
    *I do NOT authorize any FS15 conversions* hahahahhahah what a faggot. Who cares about 5 mins mods man, make something good
  • Rookie
    2016-08-17 02:32
    the guy who made this basically uses other peoples work, repackages it as his own because he may have changed a texture, thanks nobody involved with helping him, and is a total shithead. the community doesn't need trash like tessfarms or his shitty mods
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