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Gorzkowa V3 Final
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Gorzkowa V3 Final

Here it is finally after 6 months of construction, the third and final version of the map.

You can expect a map , a map with many new features and a stunning lakeside scenery.
Immerse yourself in a dreamy idyll Polish and let the work in the fields and in the stables of your soul.
I tried to make in the V3 with the means at my disposal the flair of Polish agriculture still in somewhat more detail .
Your trips run past sleepy villages , shops, various bars , a railroad track , lakes and ponds, idyllic forests , meadows and Feldern.Achtung :
The roads are all designed very uneven ( realistic ) , so pay attention to your driving style !
Your managed one of two fully functional smaller courts , which creates the possibility to split in multiplayer.
The map has been extended to me many times , all the fields have been replanted and enlarged. It offers you many new details .

! Please have a look at the videos , because there Rainer PERFECT explained. !

- Kalk-/Mist- and Güllemod installed TMT Modding
- New pig version (1.0.3 ) installed Marhu /
  TMT Modding
- Kaufbares seed, fertilizer and lime TMT Modding
- Suitable to built a cattle dealer

Rebuilt and enlarged biogas plant -
- Railway line built with fully functional barriers ( Elcid )
- New foliage and terrain textures ( among others Elcid )
- How had no rot , no box purchase
- Wool sale now at the dairy

A detailed description is available in PDF format.

! Attention !
You must only lime and fertilizer shop at the sugar factory and seed at the distillery to get it to sit down on the farm for removal.
A matching HW80 also supporters of sunflower invites and a shovel for loading can be found here :
The links for denHw80 and the bucket for seed, fertilizer , lime and sunflower can be found in the attached PDF file.

Required Mods:
- PDAfix.zip by Marhu :
- MapDoorTrigger.zip :
Manure and manure - Mod.zip
Recommended Mods:
- Selectable.zip ( the gates open from the original vehicles ) :
Support and feedback at :
http://tls-modding.forumo.de/post2017.html # p2017
I would like very much to thank all of whose objects or scripts I have installed in the map , as well as with those who stood by me through their help and tests at any time aside !
Should anyone recognize objects by themselves on the map , this will grudge immediately in the credits and I have received from the respective modder / mapper or scripter an info about it!
Furthermore, also a special thanks to my friend Rainer for creating the numerous videos that will introduce you to the wonderful card and explain!
Scripts, building and textures :
TMT Modding / Marhu
Thanks for the approval
BigBens / Elcid , Bassaddict , Ufo and Zefir
Tests: V8Bolle , Rainer , and Moppel AndiScania
Elcid ( Zugeinbau , textures)
This map had a construction period of 6 months and it is still a lot of free time by the wayside . Please remember that!
I do not want to be posted here Modvorstellungs the countless videos. In our videos to see and everything is well explained.
I reserve the right to remove before unqualified videos.
! The map is provided solely by upload Linkzum download. Should someone publish the file under a different link, I 'm going to reserve legal action concerning copyright infringement !
We wish you much fun with the map !
Your TLS Modding Team by Tommi -1

TLS Modding/ Tommi-1
TMT Modding / Marhu
BigBens/ ElCid, Bassaddict, Ufo und Zefir
Tests: V8Bolle, Rainer, Moppel und AndiScania
ElCid (Zugeinbau, Texturen)

  • Paco jiménez
    2014-08-25 19:03
    I recommend this map if you like polish style farms. I love the dirty aspect of houses, farms, streets, in the map. You can feel a sovietic flavour when you run with your tractor for Gorzkowa, and see a beautiful landscape. The map is error free for me. Thank you!
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