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Green View Farms v3
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Green View Farms v3

Green View Farms v3 (First Release)
<Changes from v1 to v2-- Fixes some issues with field corner markers in i3d, also added mods to description.>
<Changes from v2 to v3-- Fixed AI traffic at roundabouts. Fixed farm silos unload particle system. Update weight scale version (3.2.5).>
A map with a half and half variety of hills and flat land. The roads are raised with a ditch like effect. This map contains
9 fields (2 owned) and each field has two field approaches diagonal of eachother, approaches can be seen on map view. Points of sale for
crops, eggs and wool. Traffic and milk truck are also included. Also contains the standard crops plus soybean, straw from soybean, sunflower and alfalfa.
Alfalfa is meant to be cut only and used as a grass crop (MultiMowing V 1:01 or similar). There is storage at the main farm for all crops
plus grass, hay, straw, chaff, silage, and forage (no storage for alfalfa unless converted to grass).
There are also different fertilizer triggers for each of the 7 types from the Soil Mod (fertilizer A,B,C, herbicide A,B,C and lime(kalk)).
Also a wash bay, bale conveyor, weigh scale, water station, and extra manure storage is located on the main farm.
Map contains cows, sheep and chickens with water mod for all. Wool pallet collector is also installed.
This isn't the most highly detailed map loaded with objects but everything that was done I tried to do well. All icons are properly placed where needed.
SoilMod and ChoppedStraw are not entirely necessary mods but without the SoilMod there will be minor warnings in the log.
Also just the zip files are needed from SoilMod-- <SoilManagement.ZIP> and <PDAModPlugin_SoilCondition.ZIP> ChoppedStraw-- <ZZZ_ChoppedStraw>
If your familiar with the mod <Multi Fruit V 2.2b> this map has the config. xml and lua installed with the needed fruit conversions but one would still need
the mod <ZZZ_addMultiFruit>.
A couple notes: (Main farm shed doors that aren't open do NOT open but they do offer NO collision.)
(Farm weight scale in multiplayer- weight scale may not work if driven on with tractor that has a front weight attached.)
Hope you enjoy!!!

Required Mods___
SoilMod - Soil Management & Growth Control (v1.2.0) http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34919
PDA MOD (v2.0.2) http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34554
ChoppedStraw with SoilMod-Plugin v1.2.06 http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34937

Recommended Mods___
MapHoseRefStation http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/32103
Multi Fruit V 2.2b http://www.modhoster.com/mods/multifruit--3
MultiMowing V 1:01 http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multimowing

Please do not upload to other sites.

Starter Map by:FarmerYip
Green Valley Farms Map V-3.0 by:jhome
Outdoor Silos V-1.0 by:maser789
Water Station V-3 by:cosmin123
Grain Bin Pack by:Model & Texture - ThompsonM06, Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD Isotope/BigCountry/Looseterror/TwistedGA/ThompsonM06/mwlacy
Mega Pack Road V-1 by:Javier007 (Big Boss Modding)
Unpaved Roads by:seba j
Scale With Statistics Function V-3.2.5 by:Blacky_BPG, Marc85
Feed Storage V-1.1 by:Abate Mods, Marhu-conveyors, Blacky_BPG-digital displays
Map Silo Band by:Marhu
New Trees V-1.0 by:spider100
Washer Mod V-1.0 by:Movie-professional, book hauer, tackle berry, Blacky_BPG
Paintable Trees by:Sean6920s, Ni Modding
Construction objects V-1.0 by:LU-MUK/Moddingteam
Water Mod by:Marhu
Wool Palette Collector by:Marhu
Map Bale Conveyor by:Marhu
Grass Texture V-2 by:Devin, LS-Chacky, LS-Mod-Tempel
Crap Interim Storage V-1.0 by:martinbigM500
default FS09 objects for FS13 by:sandgroper
Houses Pack by:BernieSCS
MapHoseRefStation by:model and texture of the tank:MorphX, script:fruktor
American Sheds by:kramarj
Alfalfa by:bgo1973
Reapers Authentic Soybean Texture V-1.0 by:Reaper9111
Multi Fruit V 2.2b (configuration-xml,lua) by:upsidedown
Ford Truck from Screenshot by:LazyMod Studios
ChoppedStraw with SoilMod-Plugin v1.2.06 by:Main-script: webalizer, SoilMod-Plugin: Decker_MMIV, webalizer
SoilMod - Soil Management & Growth Control (v1.2.0) by:Script: Decker_MMIV.
Graphics: KaosKnite, JakobT, GIANTS, Decker_MMIV and others.
Translation 'DE': JakobT, webalizer.
Translation 'RU': Gonimy_Vetrom, VAHA.
Translation 'CZ': KingFrame, Albi.
Translation 'FR': Marxtai, Dural.

  • Guest
    2014-10-05 18:46
    How come whenever I try to open the file or any of the map files from this website it wont let me and says that they cannot be found or aren't valid? Can somebody help me out on how to open the files?
  • Guest
    2014-10-05 20:03
    Nice map, I like . Is there anyway to lower the asphalt on the roads so the equipment doesn't jump crossing the roads?
  • Guest
    2014-10-05 21:12
    It could be done by lowering the transform group "roadSystem" in GE, this will lower all roads. But it may cause flashing textures especially at the road ends.
  • Volvo
    2014-10-13 19:55
    eine scheiƟ map !!!
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