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Griffiths Fenlander 16T mr version
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Griffiths Fenlander 16T mr version

mr version

Marston Trailers are one of the market leaders in agricultural trailers. Manufacturing a range of agricultural & industrial products in the UK & for export.
Griffiths was a make of trailer that came under Marston as the name was owned by them.
This trailer is a variant of the Fenlander that Marston produced and is more of a root crop trailer however I have made it accept all of the fruits and is a very robust trailer.

Grain sheet under key N
Real strobe flasher with lit decal under key HOME
Adjustable drawbar with three different heights (Detach trailer, walk up to drawbar and press X/B for change)
Light script, all new lit up coronas using decals
Wheel particles
Fruits accepted
potato sugarBeet manure grass chaff forage silage wheat rape maize barley
Mods Required
Universal Attachable PTO & Hydraulic Hose by fsuk Team


Smoke Particles/Controlled Drawbar and Trailer Scripts.
-- @author: Xentro (www.fs-uk.com)([email protected])

Beleuchtung v3.1.1
-- Specialization for additional lights
-- @author Sven777b

Hydraulic Hose
-- Specialization for hydraulic hose joint
-- @author PeterJ - FS-UK modteam

Wheel Particle ??


More Realistic.
-- Dural

Trailer edit
-- Peter (Petorious)

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