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Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit FINAL
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Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit FINAL

Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit - Final
Yes, this is the final version (last update)!

Before I go any further I'm going to explain why some folks are having trouble with this mod so listen up!

*** For this mod to fuction correctly you must meet the following conditions ***
- You must have maps in your "Mod" folder that support all the fruits/crops the Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit has added to it!
These 3 maps cover all 16 additional fruits/crops ....
1- Missouri USA Final (Fixed) - Blackeye Peas, Cotton, Peanuts
2- Long Castle V4.1 - Apple, Cherry, Plum, Strawberry, Kohlrabi, Hops
3- Multimap v1.0 FIXED - Carrot, Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Pea, Red & White Cabbage

- Do you have to use these exact maps? 
No, any map(s) that supports the fruits/crops that have been add to this mod will suffice.  These are good maps to have but the choice is yours whether to download and install them.

- What if I choose not to heed this advice given? 
Whatever fruits/crops that aren't supported by a map in your "Mod" folder will now be visible on the conveyor belts all the time and depending on how many are missing you end up with a flickering of crops which is quite annoying!

- Is there any alternatives that don't require downloading support maps?
Yes there are a couple but they involve using the Giants Editor or Notepad to edit XML & i3D file.

- Giants Editor method involves unzipping mod .... opening mod's i3D file in editor and making any fruits/crops you don't intend to use invisible on the conveyor belts by checking the Non Renderable box on the Shape tab.  This will hide fruits/crops that would normally be flashing do to the support maps not being present in Mod folder.

Where to find crops in Giants Editor for editing....
- nearFrontBelt
- conveyorArm
- sideArm
- sideArm --> endPart

These are the problem childs!  Making them "Non Renderable" will solve your problem if you want to pick and choose =)   What it's doing is making the "dirt_diffuse" & "diffuse" dds files invisible which is what ends up causing the annoyance!

- Notepad method (backup mod first).... edit XML & i3D file and remove only the crops you intend to use.  Be extremely careful with this though, one mistake will make the mod no longer useable or worse depending on what the mistake is!  Avoid this method unless you have some editing experience under your belt in which case you've probably already edited the mod to your liking and won't be reading this anyway =)

Now that we have that out of the way ... on with the mod description ... lol
Harvester supports the following....
1- Sugar Beets
2- Carrot
3- Onion
4- Apple
5- Cherry
6- Plum
7- Strawberry
8- Kohlrabi
9- Hops
10- Cumcumbers
11- Peas
12- Tomatoes
13- Peanuts
14- Blackeye Peas
15- Cotton
16- Red Cabbage
17- White Cabbage

It's been fun working on this mod and I hope you get lots of use and enjoyment out of this mod.  I'd also like to thank Dimanix for altering the mod because without that expandable head ... things would go much slower!

Big thanks to the Guest in the comment section who helped me in figuring out the problem with the "flashing fruit" =)

- RealDairyFarmer -

Mod - Giants
Mod Head Edit - Dimanix
Textures, FillPlanes, Particles, Ground/Dynamic/RealExhaust Scripts,16 Extra Fruits, etc. - RealDairyFarmer

  • Realdairyfarmer
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    For those who intend to download and re-upload this mod to another site.When you stealing the pictures and such ... lol ... please copy the above information so your not doing you website patrons a disservice by not informing them about the mod's requirements! At least give the person downloading this mod a chance to use it correctly =)
  • Guest
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    realdairyfarmer its been great working with you I wasn't logged in when we were working on your mod but my user name is Big Bear I have a lot of john deer mods on here if your into that brand you should check them out see if you like them its been a pleasure man hope I can help you again sometime.
  • Realdairyfarmer
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    Nice to know who helped me.I have my share of John Deere mods =)I'm not brand loyal like some ... I love all brands! As they say, good equipment is good equipment regardless of brand.On our farm though we sort of have more orange than anything else ... love those old AC tractors.
  • Guest
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    yeah I like the deer but never had one lol go figure I have three farmall two a"s and a cub I got a small farm with less than a hundred head of cattle but its a life like no other.
  • Marwin2019
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    ich weis nicht aber hamma
  • Ivan
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    Vemeno nefunguje v jiných mapách !!!
  • Guest
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    I need RealDairyFarmer to contact me I can't find his email
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