Farming simulator 2019 mods
Griskabudis v1
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Griskabudis v1

Animals: sheep, cows, pigs, calves 
A large map. 
10 purchases of other fields is not purchased, the maximum field reaches 32ha 
The original technique is given 
Sown fields is 
You can dig in the sand can then be sold 
Running scales 
3 in a scrap dealers can sell sand in the second you can sell beet and potatoes, the third wheat, barley, canola, corn, flax. 
It is loaded with realistic growth modes which change the game. Need to spray and fertilize the fields. And it should be dressed appropriately as the ground reality as it can yield non-bulk. 
From cultivation depends on the quality of harvest rate 
The best soil acidity must be between 6 and 7th 
You can select the desired application techniques 
Need to oust the manure from farms 
Intense straw Mod 
Adapted to the forest modo 
In the PDA can be read as applicable to each culture where chemicals will be selected to inappropriate chemical harvested or damaged by much slower growth. 
Nova is the dirt in places need to proceed with caution 
Standard cultures + new culture of flax 
Map created by all of reality. Just do not meet some of the buildings and fields


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