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Hagenstedt addon Storage v4.0
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Hagenstedt addon Storage v4.0

Hagenstedt addon Storage
This mod is an addon for the default map Hagenstedt
the mod will put storage with conveyors on your map
the storage of straw chaff grass silage forage liquidManure & manure.
therefore includes digital meters for all fruits and digital boards.
How to use mod
just put zip file in your mods folder and start to play the origanal Hagenstedt map and this mod will just be added to the map.
you can even start an old savegame of Hagenstedt and it will work silently.
please not that this mod will use the big pole barn on your farm for the storage.
so if this is cleared before you add this mode will be better for you just move your vehicle out of the way first.

pinguar for design
marthu for mapsiloband
pinguar for liguid manure
Blacky_BPG for digital boards

  • Yhovanny
    2014-08-21 19:03 Send message
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    Thanks for the mod, is good!, but, no working the Cow Water Mod, helpme please....
  • Guest
    2014-09-29 19:52 Send message
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    Thanks for the Hagenstedt add on mod its working good. Their another grid beside shed near cows what do you put into it could you please tell me.
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