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Hagenstedt done easy map v1.0
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Hagenstedt done easy map v1.0

Hagenstedt_done_easy_map is a remake of the origanal default map but with a differeance.

This map includes all the live stock next to your farm so there is no need to go traveling half way across the country just to feed the animals.

So on your farm are the sheep cows chickens pigs cattle cow and sheep children so storage to feed animals thesis.

new building for the pigs and cattle and new texture for pig and cattle buildings and storage area.

standard fruit with new micheal silos. mix station manure storage and you can sell your manure and liquidManure at the stations.

mods needed are the mapdoor trigger mod in your mods folder for the doors to the sheep and balebarn.

hope you enjoy this map conversion.

pinguar map editor
marthu pigs and mapsiloband water mod

  • Metalcage
    2014-03-08 06:00
    Thomas the map is awesome. I do however have a question for the pig fattening barn. We bought 2 pigs and filled the water, straw and mixed ration for them but the food isn't going down that I can tell and they don't seem to be getting any fatter. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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