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Hagenstedt DudeStyle v1.6
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Hagenstedt DudeStyle v1.6

Welcome to Dudeheim farm located just outside of Hagenstedt. It's a big farm that has gone bankrupt and you just managed to pick it up for a very reasonable price. There is some equipment left by the original owner and you still own 3 fields but the place still needs a lot of time and investment.

Map details: More Realistic Ready (can be played with or without MR), Multiplayer ready (a big farm with wide roads and plenty of storage), Cows, sheep and chickens together on the farm, Watermod for cows and sheep, Manuremod, Wheightscales(MP ready), Digital displays, Working Milktruck, and much much more...

Only known issue: Other maps in your mod folder containing the scale with statistics function V 3.2.0 will cause errors in your log. Remove the other map and those log errors will be gone!

Credit where credit is due, this map would be impossible without the following people:

Hagenstedt Original Map: Giants
Map by Michi 1.1: Michi (http://www.modhoster.de/mods/hagenstedt-map-by-michi--4)
Watermod: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
AllInOneSilo: Marhu (not sure as it was put in originally by Michi)
MovingBelt: Marhu
Manuremod: TMT
Digital Displays: Blacky_BPG
Weightscales: Alex2009
Rolltor: grafik-edv

If I missed anyone, sorry! This map was based on an already edited map by Michi. I don't have all his credits as they weren't in there in the first place. :(

  • Atvman88
    2014-04-14 23:24
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    I would like to know how to put the crops into the silos you can't get no vehiles into them?? the gates are in the way
  • Tragicfarmer
    2014-04-19 16:29
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    @ ATVMAN88, the entrance is on the opposite side in the farm itself.love the map, only thing is i would of like to see more room to move around inside the silo area.. i likes my trucks :D and its a little small for the bigger ones (i.e. doubles) but very cool map ill be playing this one for awhile!!!
  • Nate
    2014-04-20 23:41
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    Is there any way you can add pigs to this map? The first version of pigs. Not the one that u have to purchase. The one that u just feed them. That would be awesome!!!!! Great map otherwise! Thanks a bunch!
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