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Hagenstedt USA v1.0
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Hagenstedt USA v1.0

Hagenstedt USA is a new map with brown dry grass looking but with bigger field and loads of live stock to play with.
other thing in this are are the bigger cow shed with storage.
livestock sheep pigs cows chickens so cattle breeding for cows and sheep.
At the start you own two big one field of wheat and the other barley.
the map has got a nice usa village.


  • Guest
    2014-10-11 17:38
    Evidently, the creator of this map doesn't know the U.S. at all. This map suffers from the same issue as the stock Westbridge Hills map. Very few areas of the U.S. have dead, brown grass everywhere, and even then, it was green at one time.
  • Guest
    2014-10-11 18:05
    westbridge hills is a u.s. map this is where brown grass comes from o and im in the uk
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