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Hagenstedt v1.0 by Jocky
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Hagenstedt v1.0 by Jocky

Hi. Hagenstedt by Jocky is an extension of the standard map.

It has changed a lot:
Some textures have been changed
Links were hizugefügt
Some fields have been modified or merged
Sheep pasture and cow pasture are against Placed by the Court
2 BGAs are installed
2 courtyards are available
5 feed stores and at the BGA the feed store V1 and all with conveyor belt
Slurry manure lime mod is installed
Mixing station is installed in the cow pasture
Car wash
Water Mod
The map would be tested more than 40 hours in multiplayer. Without fail
Many thanks to agricultural service Austro-Germany for use.
Have fun at the map Jocky

Map: Giants Software
Biogasanlage v 1.0 Beta 1: Manuel Modding-Welt Team
Wassermod: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
Mischstation: Mahrhu
G├╝lle,- Mistmod: Mahrhu
Futterlager V1: Abate Mods
WoolPaletteCollector: Mahrhu

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