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Hagenstedt v3
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Hagenstedt v3

Hagenstedt by wool V3
Hey users , as many have written me that they would like to have a Hagenstedt V2 with some extra futures, I want according to my ideas and the V1 again rebuilt ! Now I have again changed and umgebau the yard. Many new shelters, new feed store with Silobändern for carrots and onions, two high-bay warehouse for the reapers , new silo for the new crop varieties with digital display and a Hofwaage , there is now not only cows , sheep, chickens and pigs, but also bark at yard, the car wash at the shop is still there, the BGA is at the mill with a new scale , the butcher is located at the old place by the BGA, where you can sell the pigs and cattle , where even a new country trade has been added , where you can sell cereals, root crops and vegetables , or even buys grain. In the nursery , you can sell carrots and onions , as well as liquid and solid manure . In some fields, I have set up small huts where your seed and fertilizer can fill . Some fields were put together , some are already planted . Some fields are already bringing to you, so that you can begin with the good ausgestateten starter packet equal to your farm on Vorderman . The rot is switched off! I also have a Claas Scorpion 7040 Multi modified so for you with my friend, you can also place your cutting works in the shelf , and she gets out again! The is also there !

Important: You must download mods you this so that you can also use everything !
IMPORTANT! If you have downloaded the zip file , you must unzip it and then move them to your modfolder !

PS: This map and the Claas Scorpion 7040 Multi , may not be offered on other sites for Download without my permission or rebuilt , altered or made other ! There is a need in any case my consent !
Another addendum : A big thanks for sharing your Mapgegenstände used to: JoPim , Blunatix and the balance of Alex2009 .

By popular request was blocked , among other things :
From Marhu : MapSiloBand / WaterMod / wool pallets collector / pig
From Ls - 2013Modding : cattle fattening
From Blacky_BPG : Digital Scales (BGA + yard )
From FSM Team: Texture spelled, millet , sunflower and rye
From Unknow : Digital level indicators

Thanks again for your work and I may use it in my map!
If I did not mention someone , please leave a message to me and I'll make up for it now!

Now I just wish you much fun with the map as it makes me ,
your wolle66


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