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Haguenau v1.0
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Haguenau v1.0

Hello, I had actually not at all before uploading this map, but my brother wanted it.
So the map is called Haguenau and is more specialized in cows. With my 1-World War II PC it is good Playable and and and

What was done?
A new farm was created in the cow field
A house with the cows, where the starting point is
The launch vehicles were changed
A hall across from the barn was built (for example, bales or placeable pile)
Water Mod installed v3 (cows, chickens and sheep)
Chicken placed on the new farm (can now lay 500 eggs in the hall on the straw part)
Seed and fertilizer on the farm and straw sales at the building there is straw on the floor

Required Mods

Recommended Mods
http://www.modhoster.de/mods/platzierbare-heap - 3

You can not use the map without my permission to upload to other pages.


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