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Hamsbach v1.0
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Hamsbach v1.0

Moin! Moin!
This map is a conversion of the Aehrental V.1.
I have completely transformed from a few rough structures. I've been playing for some time and am convinced the other players have fun with the map will have.
When building I took my time and rebuilt according to my ideas. It was important to create an idyllic, green and hilly surroundings.

First main courtyard with angeschloßener BGA
Second Kuhhof with sufficient space for Maschienen
3 completely new village
4 sheep pasture in place
Fifth industrial area with dairy, country store and Landmaschienenshop, as well as additional district
6 Brewery
7, 28 small to large purchasable fields, as well as many green meadows and pastures
8 corn exchange for wheat, barley, canola and corn

Helpful Mods:
map door trigger
placeable pile
Have fun playing!


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