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Hanomag F65 Tipper v1.1.0 mr
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Hanomag F65 Tipper v1.1.0 mr

More Realistic Hanomag F65 Tipper
Reconstruction of the Hanomag Hanomag F65 F65 Kippers from the Transport Pack of MODALL.

From the original description of MODALL:
Three side tipper trailer with turntable
Just 6 years of this great van was built by Rheinstahl Hanomag, Hanomag Henschel later.
He was the sister model of the more famous Mercedes-Benz T2 (Duesseldorf transporter), today Vario.
3142 cc, 80 hp, payload of 2 to 5 tons!

Author 3D model:
MODALL and Giants (parts of the crown Emsland)

Conversion LS2013:

Sven777b, MB, StarT

Animated parts
Speedometer needle
Tire dust
2 camera views

The cause dreds of my model is free for everyone and may without further permission
be modified and re-published. Upload allowed on each side and wish to do so.
For publication all authors listed above must be mentioned.
Commercial use is strictly forbidden.
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Remodeling after MoreRealistic John Barleycorn
Uses RealisticIndoorCamera Beta 2 model Eicher
Manual transmission from Dural
changed trumps, Backlit: John Barleycorn
An error whose cause I have not yet found: When loading hay (dryGrass_windrow), this loading properly (Hud icon), but a grain tarp displayed. The Grass Plane is but in the model and in the XML, as far as I can see, properly referenced. Who can find the cause?

modall und Giants (Teile des Krone Emsland)

Konvertierung LS2013:

Scripts: Sven777b, M B, StarT, modelleicher
Konvertiereung MoreRealistic: John Barleycorn

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